“Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” (Peterson, 2008)






Exercise your mind and body

Valedesport offers the opportunity to make you feel more energized and empowered. Moreover, we will assist you to move more naturally and to improve not only your mobility and flexibility, but also skills and agility.

Alternative fitness patterns through functional training, striking or grappling techniques, trekking, beach walks, cross fit, power yoga, cardio blasts, crossstriking, bodyweight and circuit training are only some of the available fitness variations.

Regardless if we are training at a villa, at hotel premises or at a beach we will provide the benefits of a well balanced training schedule.
Build your own fitness travel experince


Valedesport runs unique experiences combining luxurious accomodation, alternative fitness principles, diverse wellness techniques and healthful, nutritious eating habits.

Moreover, we are here to help you combine an executive travel package and a life transforming approach toward wellbeing.

We specialize in fitness related vacations at some of the most beautiful locations in Greece. Passionate trainers carefully design schedules and itineraries to make sure that we meet your expectations. Yoga instructors and therapists work along nutritionists and psychologists to deliver a tailor made path toward total wellness.

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