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What we do

We specialize in fitness and wellness travel

We prepare complete itineraries by combining accommodation, tourist activities, concierge, fitness and wellness services! 
People have always loved to travel in order to discover beautiful places, meet new people and cultures, or to experience the weather, the climate and the environment of another country. 

Travelers, of all ages and background, need to unplug from their everyday detox life and to reboot their mental/physical health and wellbeing.

Greece is one of the top locations in the world for having the vacations of a lifetime! The combination of bright sun, blue sea, ancient Greek history and diverse, beautiful landscape, ranging from scenic mountains to picturesque coves, has made Greece a great place to visit.

Who is it for

  • Executive travellers who are seeking for diversified vacations.
  • Fit and health addicts that need to take along the activities they enjoy, when travelling.
  • Sportsmen/women involved into moderate activity that wish to discover alternative health and fitness directions.
  • Individuals, with no fitness experience at all, that would like to make that initial step towards a better life.
  • People that desire to leave the toxic elements of their everyday life behind.
  • Groups of people that aim to enhance team bonding.
  • Companies pursuing to amplify team leadership and management skills for their executive staff.
  • Travellers willing to explore cosmopolitan locations, taste healthy mediterranean recipes and feel more energetic and alive.


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Valedesport runs unique experiences combining luxurious accomodation, alternative fitness principles, diverse wellness techniques and healthful, nutritious eating habits.

Moreover, we are here to help you combine an executive travel package and a life transforming approach toward wellbeing.

We specialize in fitness related vacations at some of the most beautiful locations in Greece. Passionate trainers carefully design schedules and itineraries to make sure that we meet your expectations. Yoga instructors and therapists work along nutritionists and psychologists to deliver a tailor made path toward total wellness.

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